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#define kGowallaOAuthURL @""
// Credentials for authentication using OAuth
// Replace with your own credentials, available at
#define kGowallaAPIKey @"e7ccb7d3d2414eb2af4663fc91eb2793"
#define kGowallaAPISecret @"313a3cbfc6464e3c95c714919c9e3bec"
// In order to intercept and respond to the OAuth callback, we need to register
// a custom URL type for the application. This should be unique, to avoid any
// naming collisions with other applications.
// Replace this in Info.plist with the callback for your application,
#define kGowallaRedirectURI @"gowalla-basic://success"
// Keys for storing OAuth tokens using NSUserDefaults
#define kGowallaBasicOAuthAccessTokenPreferenceKey @"gowalla_basic_oauth_access_token"
#define kGowallaBasicOAuthRefreshTokenPreferenceKey @"gowalla_basic_oauth_refresh_token"
#define kGowallaBasicOAuthTokenExpirationPreferenceKey @"gowalla_basic_oauth_token_expiration_date"