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S3Share is a simple script to upload your files to S3 and share them with your friends and enemies.


  • Ruby
  • aws-s3 gem


You can install from Rubygems

$ gem install s3share

Or you can download the source and build it manually:

$ git clone
$ cd s3share
$ gem build s3share.gemspec
$ gem install s3share --local

Setting ENV variables

You'll need to set the three following ENV variables:

  • AMAZON_ACCESS_KEY_ID: AWS access key.
  • AMAZON_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: AWS secret access key.
  • AMAZON_S3_DEFAULT_BUCKET: Name of the bucket where the uploads will be held.

The last variable is visible in the URL returned to the user:{AMAZON_S3_DEFAULT_BUCKET}/some_photo.png, so make sure you choose something pretty. This value is global for all the S3 namespace, meaning you need to find something unique between all the S3 users ("some-user-name_uploads" should do the trick). If the specified bucket doesn't exist, it will be automatically created.

You can set these variables in a ~/.amazon_keys file:

 export AMAZON_ACCESS_KEY_ID='someaccesskey'
 export AMAZON_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='fortyweirdcharacters'
 export AMAZON_S3_DEFAULT_BUCKET='joesuploads'

And then include it in your ~/.bash_profile:

 # place at the bottom of your .bash_profile
 if [[ -f "$HOME/.amazon_keys" ]]; then
     source "$HOME/.amazon_keys";


$ s3.rb [file]

An example:

$ s3.rb kezia.png

  kezia.png uploaded to:

By default all the uploaded files will be publicly readable. Once the upload is complete the URL will be copied to your clipboard for easy access.


Got a problem? Create an issue in the Github Tracker.


Federico Builes - - @febuiles

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