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---------------------------------------------------------- Tremulous License ---
Tremulous is licensed in two broadly separate sections: the code and the media.
The code is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. This license is
contained in full in the file named GPL. Please be aware of the exceptions to
this license as listed below.
The media is licensed under the CREATIVE COMMONS ATTRIBUTION-SHAREALIKE 2.5
LICENSE. Please read to learn
more about this license. The full license text is contained in the file named
---------------------------------------------------- Code License Exceptions ---
The following files contain sections of code that are not licensed under the
GPL, but are nevertheless GPL compatible. The license text for these licenses
is contained within the files as listed.
src/qcommon/unzip.c zlib license
src/game/bg_lib.c BSD license
src/client/snd_adpcm.c Stichting Mathematisch Centrum license
src/jpeg-6/* JPEG license
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