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obj-behaviortree is an implementation of a behavior tree for iOS. Supported tasks include:

  • Selector
  • Sequence
  • Concurrent
  • Condition

Behavior trees can be built programatically, or by reading from a JSON file.


The project currently builds and runs successfully with:

  • Xcode 4.5
  • iOS 5.0+


Clone the repository to a location on your machine, then:

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Open BehaviorTree.xcworkspace

Test scenarios are available in the BehaviorTree project, which can be run in the usual way (CMD+U).

A demo project is available in the BehaviorTreeDemo project.

JSON Reader

A behavior tree can be built from a JSON representation:


The JSON is read by AOBehaviorReader which builds an instance of AOBehaviorTree:

NSString *json;
AOBehaviorReader *reader = [[AOBehaviorReader alloc] init];
AOBehaviorTree *behavior = [reader buildTreeWithFile:json];

The reader supports setting properties on task instances:


If you want to set a property of type "Class", you can use the syntax:


Task Class Prefixes

Task types read in from JSON are used to instantiate an objective-c class. To avoid polluting the JSON with class prefixes, you can register your own class prefixes that will be automatically searched when attempting to instantiate a task.

For example, if you register the prefix "AB" with the BehaviorReader:

AOBehaviorReader *reader = [[AOBehaviorReader alloc] init];
[reader registerPrefix:@"AB"];

and your JSON contains the task:


then the BehaviorReader will first attempt to find a class named "MyTask", and then if that class does not exist it will attempt to find a class named "ABMyTask".


Logging can be enabled by setting preprocessor macro flags on the BehaviorTree target.


Logs to console window using standard NSLog


Logs to an NSLogger client using the NSLogger client library, which is much faster than using NSLog.


Behavior Tree implementation in Objective-C







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