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Minimalistic C library for Apple's HomeKit Accessory Protocol
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License: MIT

Minimalist C library for with Apple HomeKit accessories.

Note: This is still in active development, but works well enough for simple accessories such as a light bulb.

External dependencies

  • openssl >= 1.1.1
  • avahi-client

Note: OpenSSL 1.1.1 is relatively new and is only available on releases such as Ubuntu 18.04+, Raspbian Buster, etc.

libhap itself includes these excellent libraries:



Running example


Building (and installing) a library

make solib
sudo make install # Installs in /usr/local

make install PREFIX=/some/other/path # Install in ${PREFIX} instead


The API is documented in src/hap.h

The example in src/main.c contains an example for how to create a simple light-bulb accessory using the hap_light_builb_create() convenience function.

To create more complex accessories, please read Apple's Using the HomeKit Accessory Protocol Specification to understand the relationship between accessories, services and characteristics.

The plan is to add many more convenience functions to ease usage.

Made By

Andreas Smas - -

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