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\title{Software Developer}
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%\quote{22 years old.}
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\cventry{2007--2011}{B.S.}{Siberian Federal University}{Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation}{\textit{System Analysis and Managment}}{}
\cventry{2012--2014}{M.S.}{Siberian Federal University}{Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation}{\textit{System Analysis in enterprise managment}}{}
\cvline{Languages}{Java, Ruby, Javascript, Perl, Objective C, Erlang, Rust, C\#, Python}
\cvline{Frameworks}{Spring MVC, Akka, Express.js, Ruby On Rails, Cocos2d, EventMachine, Qt, Cocoa, OTP, React, jQuery, Flask, Mono}
\cvline{Op.\ systems}{FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, OS X}
\cvline{Databases}{PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Riak, CouchDB, Redis, ElasticSearch}
\cvline{Other}{Xen, Amazon Web Services, Vagrant, Salt, Puppet, DTrace, Nginx, \LaTeX{}, bash, zsh}
\section{Relevant Coursework}
\subsection{Siberian Federal University}
\cvline{B.S.}{Methods of optimizing staff schedule in retail stores}
\cvline{M.S.}{Developing customer loyalty program in retail stores}
\subsection{KF Sinrah}
\cventry{2007--2009}{Director of IT}{KF Sinrah}{Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation}{}{IT Consulting}
\cventry{2009--2017}{Software Developer}{Freelansim}{}{}{}
\cventry{2012--2015}{RADOS Monitoring}{iOS app}{Mobile interface for mining equipment monitoring service}{}{}{Development of mobile dashboard and administrative interface for iOS devices.\newline{}
\item Technologies used:
\item Objective-C, CocoaTouch, DTrace
\cventry{2011--2015}{Sibrados}{Managment and analytics system for mining equipment}{}{}{}{}{Development of complex monitoring solution for minning equipment. \newline{}
\item Resposibilties:
\item Setup up local network infrastructure and servers
\item Oversee development of embeded monitor nodes
\item Design and implement field data collection system
\item Deploy field data collection system
\item Monitor health status of collection system
\item Technologies used:
\item Backend: Spring MVC, Riak, PostgreSQL, Java, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ
\item Monitoring node: Embeded C, Erlang (field data collector)
\item Administrative interface and dashboard: Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js, D3.js
\cventry{2010--2011}{}{E-Commerce Website}{}{}{}{Development of e-commerce solution for retailer of home improvement and construction product. \newline{}
\item Resposibilties:
\item Design and implement engine for e-commerce application
\item Deploy application into AWS Elastic Beanstalk
\item Implement data synchronization between application and 1C\: Enterprise
\item Technologies used:
\item Ruby on Rails, CouchDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, AWS Beasntalk, AWS EC2
\cventry{2010--2011}{Razvivaika}{iOS Game}{Russian alphabet game for kids}{}{http:/}{\newline{}
\item Technologies used:
\item Objective-C, CocoaTouch, DTrace
\cventry{2012}{SibRados}{Corporate Website}{}{}{}{}{}
\cvline{}{Ruby on Rails}
%\section{Personal information}
%\cvline{Marital status}{single}