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VSOI-PSTV v0.2.1.1-pc

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Bugfix release v0.2.1.1-pc of VSOI-PSTV: VitaShell One-click Installer for PSTV

Reverted back to the original method of backing up files. Text displays in magenta now.

WARNING: Run this and all previous versions of VSOI-PSTV only once! If you run it twice, your Parental Controls eboot backup will be overwritten with VitaShell, leaving you with TWO copies of VitaShell and NO access to the original Parental Controls app!

This will be fixed in a later release when time permits. For now, there should be no reason why you need to run it twice, so just don't do it.

All credits for this project go to:
MajorTomSec (for VitaRW)
gnmmarechal (for VSOI)