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Package for interpreting scikit-learn's decision tree and random forest predictions. Allows decomposing each prediction into bias and feature contribution components as described in For a dataset with n features, each prediction on the dataset is decomposed as prediction = bias + feature_1_contribution + ... + feature_n_contribution.

It works on scikit-learn's

  • DecisionTreeRegressor
  • DecisionTreeClassifier
  • ExtraTreeRegressor
  • ExtraTreeClassifier
  • RandomForestRegressor
  • RandomForestClassifier
  • ExtraTreesRegressor
  • ExtraTreesClassifier

Free software: BSD license


  • scikit-learn 0.17+


The easiest way to install the package is via pip:

$ pip install treeinterpreter


from treeinterpreter import treeinterpreter as ti
# fit a scikit-learn's regressor model
rf = RandomForestRegressor(), trainY)

prediction, bias, contributions = ti.predict(rf, testX)

Prediction is the sum of bias and feature contributions:

assert(numpy.allclose(prediction, bias + np.sum(contributions, axis=1)))
assert(numpy.allclose(rf.predict(testX), bias + np.sum(contributions, axis=1)))

More usage examples at

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