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Hackintosh EFI folder for the GPD P2 MAX
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GPD P2 MAX Hackintosh

EFI files for hackintosh on the GPD P2 MAX, works on Catalina and Mojave with BIOS v0.24. If you see anything that could be added or changed don't hesitate to make a pull request.

Catalina with working Graphics Acceleration

Basic Usage

  1. Create a bootable Mojave or Catalina bootable USB using this tutorial but use my CLOVER folder at the point where you should configure CLOVER bootloader
  2. Boot from this usb then install Mojave/Catalina on a free partition of your drive
  3. During first boot, after installing the OS, mount your EFI partition and place the CLOVER folder alongside other OSes bootloader
  4. Reboot and change BIOS bootloader order to have clover bootloader as first entry
  5. Open your config.plist and generate a new serial number Tutorial here
  6. Install additionals drivers
  7. Reboot and enjoy !

Additional drivers

Wifi dongle driver

What works

  • Graphics Acceleration
  • Bluetooth
  • Brigthness control ( if your BIOS version is 0.27 remove ACPI/patched/SSDT-PNLF.aml and rename SSDT-PNLF-0.27.aml to SSDT-PNLF.aml )
  • Audio
  • Power Management
  • Battery Status ( patch differs if you have a 1st batch or 2nd batch GPD P2 MAX, if you have the 2nd batch remove DSDT.aml, and rename DSDT_2.aml as DSDT.aml )
  • USB and USB Mapping
  • Keyboard
  • Camera
  • Sleep / Wake
  • TouchPad ( 20190919 Chinese keyboard firmware will cause problems, use the file driver inside touchpad_driver to downgrade credits : @Gabe87 from insanelymac )
  • TouchScreen ( only works on Catalina )

What doesn't work

  • Fingerprint Sensor ( according to it cannot be used for TouchID. It also needs a driver )
  • Internal Wi-Fi Intel AC 7625 ( needs a driver )


All users from the GPD Discord
Fewt's Hackintosh guide
GPD for making the great P2 MAX
@Gabe87 from insanelymac forums
@lazd and @THEDVIOUS1 for the TouchScreen driver

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