Procedural image generator
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Procedural image generator

This tiny project is a procedural image generator that starts with a random top row of pixels, and iteratively generates the rows below according to some rule. Each row depends only on the row immediately above.

Available rules

  1. Primitive 1-to-1. Pixel's RGB values are jittered RGB values of the pixel above. 1
  2. Genetic, 2 parents. Each pixel has 2 parents: dad (above left) and mom (above right). R, G, and B values are genes. Alleles are chosen randomly and independently from mom or dad and jittered (think inheritance with mutation). 2
  3. Genetic, 3 parents. Each pixel has the pixel immediately above as third parent in addition to 'mom' and 'dad' from 2. 3
  4. Averaging, 2 parents. RGB values of pixel are averaged mom and dad's RGB values with some random noise added. 4
  5. Averaging, asymmetric, 2 parents. Same as 2, except dad is directly above, mom is above right. 5


Clone repo, then:


This produces the row_by_row executable, which takes 4 mandatory parameters: width in pixels, height in pixels, strategy (1-5, per numbering above), and filename where the image is saved. The output is in PPM format.

For example:

./row_by_row 2880 1800 2 image.ppm