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Torque 6 is an MIT licensed 3D engine loosely based on Torque2D. Taking the best of Torque2D and adding a modern 3D rendering engine it aims to be a contender in the free and open-source 3D engine category.

The engine is still under heavy development and not yet ready for use in a game.



  • Renderer supports DirectX 9, DirectX 11, OpenGL 2.1, OpenGL 3.1+, OpenGLES 2.1 and OpenGLES 3.1+.
  • Multiplatform support for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Asset import support major formats such as FBX, Collada, OBJ and more.
  • TorqueScript scripting language
  • Module and asset management system
  • C++ DLL plugin support
  • Single glsl-like language for all shaders
  • Deferred shaded rendering pipeline with forward shading for complex materials
  • Editing suite in development
  • Physical Based Rendering (PBR)
  • Node Based Material System
  • Bullet Physics Library


Torque 6 uses GENie to generate projects to build the engine. The binaries and scripts are found in the build directory. Windows users can use build/GENERATE_VS2010/12/13.BAT to generate Visual Studio projects.

Example Projects

In Visual Studio open Properties of Torque6App and set Debugging -> Working Directory to the directory of the example you want to run and then Start Debugging.


Roll the ball up the ramp and onto the platform to win. Simple game showcasing a number of engine features.


Third Party Libraries

Special Thanks