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SwipeWheel Example


This class allows you to display an horizontal wheel to pick a value from a list.

It can be used for the same features as a UIPickerView for example, choosing a value from a list,
but contrary to the UIPickerView, it can have the size you need and scrolls horizontally.

To use it, you simply have to set the texts property to an NSArray of NSStrings.
You can then connect the ValueChanged event of the SwipeWheel to whatever IBAction you want, to
implement any action needed each time the user changes the current value of the SwipeWheel.

You can also configure its properties like of course the array of texts it displays, but also the
text font and color, the colors of the gradient at the borders, the width of the bordersÉ 
You also have access to the selectionIndicator layer which allows you to customize its
borderColor, backgroundColor, of hide it ('hidden' property of the CALayer)

See the "SwipeWheel Example" project for a basic usage example.