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Function callbacks
Panic and recovering
goyacc (some history there)
It is largely transliterated from the Inferno version written in Limbo
which in turn was largely transliterated from the Plan 9 version written
in C and documented at
the go-nuts mailing list the other day. I believe that there are a few
minor inaccuracies in the Origins section. The Inferno operating
system included the Limbo language, not Plan 9. Furthermore, Limbo
compiles to bytecode and so, when you mention the support for cross
compiling, I believe you mean the Plan 9 compiler tools (which also
are the inspiration for the [568][acgl] names of the tools that form
the compiler chain). I imagine that the Alef programming language
(which was exclusive to Plan 9) should probably appear in there
something with a map