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Shopping Cart built with CakePHP PHP framework.
PHP JavaScript CSS HTML PLpgSQL Shell
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-A simple PHP Shopping Cart built with CakePHP PHP framework.
-- CakePHP 2.5 rapid development php framework
-- CakePHP DebugKit
-- Bootstrap 3 front-end framework with Mobile Friendly Responsive design
-- jQuery, jQuery UI JavaScript Library
-- Payment Gateway for Credit Card Payment
-- PayPal Express Checkout
-- AJAX functions for search autocomplete, shopping cart updates
-- Product Brands
-- Product Categories
-- Product Tags
-- Product Options
-CakePHP Shopping Cart Demo:
-CakePHP Shopping Cart Installation:
-git clone cakephp-shopping-cart
-cd cakephp-shopping-cart
-chmod -R 777 app/tmp/
-mysql -u db_username -p db_password db_name < app/Config/Schema/shop.sql
-cp app/Config/settings-default.php app/Config/settings.php
-cp app/Config/database.php.default app/Config/database.php
-username: admin
-password: admin
-Dont forget to change passwords, salt in core.php, etc...
-Andras Kende
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