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; General config
newline equ 0xA ; The unix newline character
; Used to set a size value easy
struc db [data]{
. db data
.size = $ - .
; General functions
; Use to quit, takes a number for an exit code
macro exit n{
mov esi, n
mov eax,1 ; sys_exit
mov ebx,esi ; Error code
int 0x80 ; kick the kernel
; Use to print a message to the screen. Expects a char * and a length in bytes
macro printmsg msg,size
{ push eax
push ecx
push edx
mov ecx,msg
mov edx,size
mov eax,4 ; sys_write
mov ebx,1 ; file descriptor
int 0x80 ; kick the kernel
pop edx
pop ecx
pop eax
macro pnl {
printmsg nl,1