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NVDA add-on that improve braille support
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Braille Extender

BrailleExtender is an NVDA add-on that provides various features at braille level. Currently, the following features are implemented:

  • reload two favorite braille display with shortcuts;
  • automatic review cursor tethering in terminal role like in PuTTY, Powershell, bash, cmd;
  • auto scroll;
  • switch between several input/output braille tables;
  • mark the text with special attributes through dot 7, dot 8 or both;
  • use two output braille tables simultaneously;
  • display tab signs as spaces;
  • reverse forward scroll and back scroll buttons;
  • say the current line during text scrolling either in review mode, or in focus mode or both;
  • translate text easily in Unicode braille and vice versa. E.g.: z <--> ⠵;
  • convert cell description to Unicode braille and vice versa. E.g.: 123 <--> ⠇;
  • lock braille keyboard.
  • launch an application/URL with gesture;
  • braille dictionaries;
  • and much more!

For some braille displays, it extends the braille display commands to provide:

  • offer complete gesture maps including function keys, multimedia keys, quick navigation, etc.;
  • emulate modifier keys, and thus any keyboard shortcut;
  • offer several keyboard configurations concerning the possibility to input dots 7 and 8, enter and backspace;
  • actions and quick navigation through a rotor.

Once the add-on is installed, read the documentation and go through the settings using the BrailleExtender submenu (located in preferences menu) or under NVDA Menu -> Preferences -> Settings -> Braille Extender. The documentation is mainly generated automatically because it depends on the braille display in use.

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