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MARS - Curiosity

Delphi REST Library

Pure REST approach, standard concepts in a familiar Delphi flavor (including a component based client library).

  • Known compatibility: Delphi versions from XE to 10.1 Berlin
  • Some functionalities requires FireDAC

The project

I started this project in 2014 (later it has been known with name WiRL for a while) and it begun as an experiment to show Delphi's modern language features applied, during a training course to some experienced Delphi developers. At the time when the project was published on GitHub under its new name of MARS-library (December, 2015), most (>80%) of the code was written by me with contributions by Nando Dessena, Stefan Glienke and Paolo Rossi, plus some other minor contributors who provided some bugfixes here and there.

In January, 2016, I decided to start my own fork of the MARS-library project and to give it the name of MARS-Curiosity. What really makes me happy about this project is that some of real world applications are already out there, built with this technology and developers who had the chance to try it were happy to embrace its philosophy and ease of use.

In August, 2016, I asked GitHub to make MARS-Curiosity a first-class repository, instead of being a fork of MARS-library. The two projects are diverging since the development has no shared coordination. I have no plan to merge MARS-Curiosity back into MARS-library also considering the changes that are being made there. I think a clear position is the best choice to avoid any confusion.

The name

It is always challenging to find a good name for a new project: usually you have to balance between a brand new name and some classical or already taken names. The first option mean originality, the second can carry some more meaning with the name itself. I have chosen MARS-Curiosity (not exactly an original name) not only because I love space exploration but also because they represents the highest level of human skills applied to technology and I admire the enthusiasm and strength that can lead so many people to work hard to bring success in these space exploration missions.


Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system. One of the smallest, compared to other planets in the system, but it represents the next "giant leap" for humanity since it has been chosen as the target for next manned space exploration mission. Currently, it hosts seven functioning spacecraft (5 in orbite, 2 on the surface), making it a planet under robot control 😉


Curiosity is the name of the Mars Science Laboratory rover. It was launched on November 2011 26th and successfully landed on Mars (Gale Crater) on August 2012 6th. The overall objective of the mission is to investigate on habitability of Mars, studying its climate and geology, and collecting data for a manned mission to Mars. The rover carries a variety of scientific instruments designed by an international team and the landing process has been terrific, with the use a powered descent stage and a innovative sky crane system. (

The name of the rover was given after running a contest through the NASA website. The winner had these (very inspiring) words:

Curiosity is the passion that drives us through our everyday lives. We have become explorers and scientists with our need to ask questions and to wonder.

  • Clara Ma

Change log

A list of main changes is available at this wiki page.

The roadmap

The current roadmap is available at this wiki page.


A list of useful resources is available at this wiki page.


This is an open source project, so obviously every contribution/help/suggestion will be very appreciated.

Andrea Magni