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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import functools
import multiprocessing
import sys
import time
import bruteforce
import babygiantstep
import pollardsrho
from common import tinycurve as curve
def compute_one(func, x):
p = curve.g
q = curve.mult(x, p)
y, steps = func(p, q)
except Exception as exc:
return x, str(exc)
return x, y, steps
def compute_all(func):
total_steps = 0
compute_func = functools.partial(compute_one, func)
with multiprocessing.Pool() as pool:
results = pool.imap_unordered(compute_func, range(curve.n))
for i, (x, y, steps) in enumerate(results):
total_steps += steps
if x != y:
print('\nERROR: expected {}, got: {}'.format(x, y))
if i % 100 == 0:
print('\rComputing all logarithms: {:.2f}% done'
.format(100 * i / (curve.n - 1)), end='')
print('\rComputing all logarithms: 100.00% done')
return total_steps / curve.n
def main():
all_mods = [
print('Curve order: {}'.format(curve.n))
for mod in all_mods:
print('Using {}'.format(mod.__name__))
start = time.monotonic()
average_steps = compute_all(mod.log)
stop = time.monotonic()
total_seconds = stop - start
minutes = int(total_seconds // 60)
seconds = round(total_seconds - 60 * minutes)
print('Took {}m {}s ({} steps on average)'
.format(minutes, seconds, round(average_steps)))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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