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Images.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset icon color tweakings
Resources graphical assets and server state in system tray
en.lproj Error management and project cleanup
DC1394FrameUploader.m framerate
FeatureControlTableCellView.h Bulk commit: project refactoring
FeatureControlTableCellView.m Bulk commit: project refactoring
IIDCCamera+KVO.h Bulk commit: project refactoring
IIDCCamera+KVO.m Bulk commit: project refactoring
IIDCCamera.h Error management and project cleanup
IIDCCamera.m disable Format7 (not implemented yet)
IIDCCaptureSession.h Error management and project cleanup
IIDCCaptureSession.m Error management and project cleanup
IIDCContext.h handle GUID as string, not as number
IIDCContext.m camwire cleanup
NSStringToNSNumberValueTransformer.h Bulk commit: project refactoring
NSStringToNSNumberValueTransformer.m Bulk commit: project refactoring
SICError.h first commit +
SICError.m first commit +
SettingsWindow.xib convert settings panel to use autolayout
SettingsWindowController.h framerate
SettingsWindowController.m framerate
StatusItemManager.m Error management and project cleanup
StatusItemMenu.xib fix app name in menu item
SyIIDCAppDelegate.h camera bus reset menu item
SyIIDCAppDelegate.m Error management and project cleanup
SyphonIIDCServer-Info.plist add sparkle
SyphonIIDCServer-Prefix.pch first commit +
TFCapture.h first commit +
TFCapture.m first commit +
main.m First commit for camwire-refactor
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