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Scala.js binding for Paths.js
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Paths.js is a library to generate SVG paths, allowing you to create your own charts using a functional and testable API. Paths.scala.js is the binding of Paths.js for Scala.js.


The usage of Paths.scala.js is mostly similar to its parent library. You can

The demo application is still incomplete, and fails to show many of Paths.scala.js features. The Paths.js demo better showcases what can be done.


Paths.scala.js is published for Scala 2.11 and Scala 2.12 with Scala.js 0.6. In a Scala.js project, you can depend on Paths.scala.js with

libraryDependencies += "eu.unicredit" %%% "paths-scala-js" % "0.4.5"


Paths.scala.js is meant to have an API that is exactly equivalent to its parent library. The only exception is in the Graph and Sankey charts, where instead of accepting a parameter data with nodes and links fields, the Scala.js API directly requires nodes and links parameters. This removes one level of nesting and eliminates the need for structural typing in this particular case.

Please, file any other incompatibility between Paths.js and Paths.scala.js as an issue.

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