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- trash-put learned a --trash-dir option that can be used to specify the trash
directory to be used as destination
- Fix a bug that causes trash-put to use $topdir/.Trash/UID trashcan even when
it is not secure and $topdir/.Trash-UID should be used instead.
- Fix a bug in detecting right volume of home trash dir home Trash dir is a
symbolic link, and in detecting volume of file to be trashed when it is
specified as contained in a directory that is a symbolic link that crosses
volumes boundaries (#38)
- Make some code python 3 compatible
- Fixed README.
- Now trash-rm supports full path matching, using a pattern starting with slash '/' Fix #67
- Fix typo in trash-rm(1) man page
- Add a reference to trash-rm(1) to all man pges
- Fix inconsistent apostrophes
- Add support for --trash-dir option to trash-empty
- trash-rm no more crashes on .trashinfo files without Path (#69)
- Fix #48 trash-empty crashes on directories without read permission
- Fix #52: Almost all commands crashes with python 2.7.10
- Now trash-restore accept a /specific/path
- Now integration tests should pass also in a linux box. Fix #61
- Now all commands output will report the right up-to-date location for issue reporting (#39)
- Add input validation in trash-restore
- Renamed trash-restore instead of restore-trash
- Fixed bug (trash-put creates $topdir/.Trash even it should not)
- Fixed bug (trash-put uses $topdir/.Trash/$uid even if unsecure)
- Minor changes to man pages.
- Switched to distutils.core (instead of setuptools)
- Now `trash-put -v` will warning if it found a unsticky .Trash dir.
- New trash-rm command
- (Internal) Swtiched from realpath to abspath
- fixed trash-empty crashed with GetoptError in short_has_arg(): option -2
not recognized (see )
- fixed inclusion of README.rst when creating distribution package
- add Donate button on README
- Fixes a packaging problem of the previous release which prevented the
installation via easy_install and/or pip (see
- Fixes the name of the man page for restore-trash.
- Reintroduced `trash` command as alias to `trash-put`
- Now trash-list checks for $topdir/.Trash having sticky bit and not being a
symlink and warns when these requirements are not met.
- Now trash-list handles empty, unreadable or malformed .trashinfo
- Now `trash-emtpy <days>` skips .trashinfos with invalid DeletionDates
- Removed Unipath dependency
- Switched from googlecode to github
- Removed tests written in Bash
- Complete rewrite of trash-list and trash-empty
- Now works also on Mac OS X
- Fixed #55: restore-trash sets all-write permissions for the destination directory
- Volumes detection: Now uses "df -P" output as fallback when getmnt fails.
- Fixed #54. Now restore trash refuses to overwrite a file. Used code adapted from a patch written by Christian.Oudard
Fixed #45: Cannot build RPM package with
Fixed problems running
Updated version number to make easy_install happy
Fixed serious bug in trash-put: now the dot `.' and dot-dot `..' are skipped.