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Currently working on: home-fallback
- update the bug link in trash-put,
- remove path_for_trash_info injection
- make storing absolute paths the default
- remove default from TrashDirectoryForPut __init__
- inject logger in TrashDirectoryForPut
- add a test for trash-put and method 1 trashdir
- add an automated test for checking man page installation
- unificate "SEE ALSO" for all man pages
- trash-list should handle .trashinfo from home trashdir that contains
relative path
- trash-list should print also the orphan files
- support alias rmdir=trash-put
- don't use world writable trash
- enable trash-put home fallback
- trash-empty removes files until a certain amount of space has been restored
- trash-list --raw
- trash-list <directory-name>
- trash-list -R <directory-name> # recursive
- trash-restore <path> # restore the newest
- trash-restore <path> <dest> # restore to a certain destination
- trash-restore --trashed-on="Apr 15, 08" <path>
- trash-restore --version
- trash-empty --from=/.Trash
- trash-empty should empty even the mac trash directory
- TRASH_DATE=2012-09-12 trash-put <file>
Test to be ported to nosetests:
- trash-put:
- trash in home trashcan
- print version
- trash in volume trashcan 1
- trash in volume trashcan 2
- it should trash to $topdir/.Trash-UID when $topdir/.Trash is not suitable
- when $topdir/.Trash does not exists
- when $topdir/.Trash is a symlink
- when $topdir/.Trash is not sticky
- should refuse to create the $topdir/.Trash/$uid directory if the
$topdir/.Trash is not sticky
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