Light, simple and powerful PHP framework!
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</> Exception Framework

Light, simple and powerful PHP framework!


  • Extremely easy to learn and use
  • Friendly and commented construction
  • Multi-tenant configurations and apps manager
  • Composer installation
  • MVC http routing
  • Native classes autoloader
  • Native database ORM
  • Native Twig support
  • Native helpers and tools
  • Native CLI tools
  • Native tasks & crons
  • Native backups & dumps
  • Third parts vendors support
  • PHP Unit Test support
  • Active updates and support

Get Started

Install last version via Composer:

$ > composer create-project andreapollastri/exceptionframework .

Edit your environment file and set "http" directory as web root in your server configuration.


You can find an useful documentation on official website:


All you need is a good and professional web hosting service or cloud VPS.

  • Apache on nginx web-server
  • PHP 7.1 version or later
  • PDO extension
  • Composer extension
  • SSH access to web root with writible permission on it


If you need help write to


Exception Framework is under the MIT license.

Enjoy Exception :)