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v0.2.1 (17 October 2014)

  • Adds revocation token method
  • Not using headers if access_token is defined as a part of the URL.
  • Changes from Pascal Case to Camel Case in the API.
  • Adds Bearer Header for requests.

v0.1.7 (16 May 2013)

  • Now compatible with Github

v0.1.6 (24 Jan 2013)

  • Updated name convention on using simple oauth2 configuration block.

v0.1.5 (24 Jan 2013)

  • Token expiration is now dinamically defined through the expires_in field returned with the access token from the OAuth2 server

v0.1.4 (22 Jan 2013)

  • Fixed missing Basic Auth that somehow is not created from the request library

v0.1.3 (22 Jan 2013)

  • Fixed bug on AccessToken#expired() as it had the inverse logic
  • AccessToken#refresh() now returns an AccessToken object

v0.1.2 (22 Jan 2013)

  • Updated documentation

v0.1.1 (21 Jan 2013)

  • Added Password credentials flow

v0.1.0 (21 Jan 2013)

  • First version Node client for OAuth2
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