Tcl Binding to the linenoise line editing library
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Tcl Binding to the Linenoise minimal line editor

  • Welcome to TclLinnoise, a line editor based on the linenoise library.


  • The main website of this project is

    It provides access to archives for various revisions and the full documentation, especially the guides to building and using it.

    Because of the latter this document contains only the most basic instructions on getting, building, and using TclLinenoise.


  • Version 1 is the actively developed version of TclLineNoise.

Getting, Building, and Using TclLineNoise

  • Retrieve the sources:

    % git clone

    Your working directory now contains a directory tcllinenoise.

  • Build and install it:

    Install requisites: linenoise itself.

    Create a link from within the tcl-linenoise top directory to linenoise itself. Or copy linenoise into a subdirectory of that name.

    % cd tcl-linenoise

    % tclsh ./build.tcl install

    The generated package is placed into the [info library] directory of the tclsh used to run build.tcl. This may require administrative (root) permissions, depending on the system setup.

  • It is expected that a working C compiler is available. Installation and setup of such a compiler is platform and vendor specific, and instructions for doing so are very much outside of scope for this document. Please find and read the documentation, how-tos, etc. for your platform or vendor.

  • With tcl-linenoise installed try out one of the examples: