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;;; javadoc-lookup-x.el --- Extra functionality for javadoc-lookup
;; Copyright (C) 2018 Andreas Marschke
;; Author: Andreas Marschke <>
;; Created: 06.08.2018
;; Version: 0.1
;; Package-Requires: ((javadoc-lookup "1.1.0"))
;; Keywords:
;; URL:
;;; Commentary:
;; This file contains convenience functions for making javadoc-lookup easier to use.
;; Usage:
;; (require 'javadoc-lookup-x)
;; (javadoc-lookup-x/add-web-root "")
;;; Code
(require 'javadoc-lookup)
;; TODO: Can we make this function crossplatform or even replace this with elisp?
(defun jdl-x/web-get-classes (root)
"Get classes from `allclasses-frame.html' in ROOT javadoc root url."
(let* ((html-string (shell-command-to-string (concat "wget -qO- \"" root "/allclasses-frame.html\"")))
(strings-lines (split-string html-string "\n"))
(classFrame-lines (seq-filter (lambda (line &rest a) (string-match-p ".*target=\"classFrame\".*" line)) strings-lines))
(classes (seq-map (lambda (line &rest ) (when (string-match "href=\"\\(.*\\.html\\)\".*" line) (match-string 1 line))) classFrame-lines)))
(defun jdl-x/index-classes (root)
"Creates hash based on urls found under ROOT.
See: `jdl-x/web-get-classes'"
(let ((new-hash (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(dolist (class (jdl-x/web-get-classes root))
(jdl/add-file (concat root "/" class) new-hash (cons root '()) ))
(defun jdl-x/webcache-save (root hash)
(let ((cache-file-name (jdl/cache-name root)))
(jdl/save-cache (concat javadoc-lookup-cache-dir "/" cache-file-name) hash)))
(defun jdl-x/webcache-load (root)
"Loads pre-cached index file for ROOT from `javadoc-lookup-cache-dir'."
(let ((cache-file-name (jdl/cache-name root)))
(jdl/load-cache (concat javadoc-lookup-cache-dir "/" cache-file-name))))
(defun javadoc-lookup-x/add-web-root (web-root)
"Adds WEB-ROOT to javadoc-lookup index."
(let* ((cache-file-name (jdl/cache-name web-root))
(cache-file-exists-p (file-exists-p (concat javadoc-lookup-cache-dir "/" cache-file-name))))
(unless cache-file-exists-p
(jdl-x/webcache-save web-root (jdl-x/index-classes web-root)))
(jdl-x/webcache-load web-root)))
(provide 'javadoc-lookup-x)
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