A nicer frontend to nagios performance data graphs
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A nicer frontend to nagios performance data graphs


Inspired by the design of the c3netmon from the 28c3 and a discussion with my coworker about live-demoing graphs to a group of executives, I decided to write this pnp4nagios frontend.

This web-app is supposed to be a graphing frontend to the pnp4nagios performance graphs. Ultimately consisting of a webservice providing a webpage displaying graphs with a json-rpc service consistently feeding it.

Running it

Nagplot itself is a simple Mojolicious::Lite application.


In addition to Mojolicious you need the following Perl modules:

  • Data::Dumper - for debugging if you wish to dive into the code
  • HTML::TableExtract - for the Nagios datasource
  • Module::Pluggable - used for the data sources
  • Moose - as OOP framework for Perl


After this you can pickup the nagplot.conf file and edit it to your needs. Here is an example for if you wish to use the Nagios data source with it and have an instance of Nagios available under the URL :

  secret => 'nagplot', # the secret your Mojolicious cookies are ecrypted with
  DataSource => {      # root config object for data sources
	Nagios => {    # a Nagios data source
		host => '',
		cgi_path => '/nagios/cgi-bin',
		nagios_path => '/nagios',
		user => 'nagiosadmin', # http-basic-auth user for requesting data
		pass => 'nagiosadmin', # http-basic-auth password
		date_format => '%m-%d-%Y %T' # date_format from nagios.cfg
		secure => 0            # if you didn't configure it to be available under https use this

Please refer to the particular Nagplot data source's documentation as to what to define in the configuration file.


Please refer to the deployment section of the Mojolicious wiki. For a quick run to see if it works just run: perl nagplot daemon and open up a webbrowser at

How write a frontend

Nagplot provides a very easy to use json frontend to the modules. As a frontend/javascript developer you only need to know 3 queries:

  • /json/hosts - get all queriable hosts
  • /json/services?host=$value - get all services for a host where $value is the name of the host
  • /json/query_state?host=$host&service=$service - get a value describing the state


The backend of this service is planned to be a pure perl application developed with Mojolicious serving a json-rpc service from which the clientside can picks the current state of the system and appends it as a new column to the current graph.


But pnp4nagios already provides graphs! Why this then?

Yes pnp4nagios has graphs and they are nice to look at if you are a sysadmin. They are not suitable though if you try to persuade a group of executives to invest into a new server.

But I can download my pnp4nagios graphs and put them into a document

Nagplot is not meant to be something you can copy paste into your documents. It is more or less like a live-broker about your facillities. So if you have a usable backend you can plug into it to monitor devices/systems/applications. If you have suggestions by all means post them.