Sync your Firmafon do_not_disturb with Google Calendar


Synchronize your Firmafon do_not_disturb with your Google Calendar account. When you have an event in your calendar, Firmafon is automatically set to do not disturb.

NOTE This is experimental software -- use at your own risk.

I want to try it!

A version of firmafon-gcal-sync is running on Heroku. There is no interface, only a simple REST API. To sign up, you need an application-specific password for your Google account. Then simply POST to with the following information:

  • google_email: email of your Google Calendar account
  • google_password: your application-specific password
  • google_app_name: your application-specific name
  • firmafon_email: email of your Firmafon account
  • firmafon_password: password for your Firmafon account (we don't store this!)

An example request would thus be:

curl -d ""

You can use this hurl if you don't like CURL.

The server will respond with 200 and a delete link, which you can use to stop synchronizing again.

How it works

The application periodically polls your Google Calendar using the GCal v3 API to check if you're busy, and sets your Firmafon do_not_disturb accordingly with the Firmafon API. The default interval is 2 min between polls.


Andreas Garnæs