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etherrape port towards IPv6
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1. About Ethersex
2. How to add a new hardware pinning
3. How to configure the firmware
4. Used 3rd party software
5. License
6. Various make targets

===== 1. About Ethersex =====
Ethersex, originally developed to provide an alternative firmware for the etherrape[1] hardware,
evolved into a full-featured still light-weight firmware for the atmel atmega processors.
For more information and a comprehensive documentation (in german) consult!

[1]: (etherrape)

===== 2. How to add a new hardware pinning =====
[Wiki for more information:] Use the script at scripts/add-hardware to add a new pinning.

===== 3. How to configure the firmware =====
[Wiki for more information:] Make sure that you meet the requirements.
Use "make menuconfig" to configure and "make" to compile the firmware. The final hex file is named "ethersex.hex".

===== 4. Used 3rd party software =====
This program contains software by other authors:

* the uIP tcp/ip stack, in the directory uip/ (see,
  written by Adam Dunkels <>
* usb-software stack from obdev in usb/usbdrv/ (see
* sd card reader in sd_reader from

===== 5. License =====
All ethersex related code is licensed under GPLv3, unless otherwise noted. See COPYING in the main
directory, but in doubt check the file header. Usually every file contain a
header, stating all contributing authors and the specific license used.

===== 6. Various make targets =====

* make show-config -- Show the activated modules
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