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.TH PgFuse "1" "04/20/2012" "PGFUSE" "User Commands"
PgFuse \- FUSE-based file system with a PostgreSQL storage backend
.SS mounting
\fBpgfuse <PostgreSQL connection string> <mountpoint> \fP [options]
.SS unmounting
\fBfusermount -u <mountpoint>
.SS "general options"
\fB-h\fR \fB\-\-help\fR
print help
\fB-V\fR \fB\-\-version\fR
print version
\fB-v\fR \fB\-\-verbose\fR
print verbose information into syslog (use with care!)
FUSE foreground option - do not run as daemon.
FUSE singlethreaded option (disables multi-threaded operation)
.SS "Postgresql connection string"
PostgreSQL connection string can be any valid connection string as
documented in the documentation of \fBlibpq\fR in function
All PostgresSQL connection parameters must be given in the form
\fB<option_name>=<option_value>\fR, separated by spaces. So if
you want to specify more than one parameter, you must quote the
whole connection string.
Here some of the most important parameters you can set:
The host running the PostgreSQL database. If ommitted communication
is done via Unix domain sockets.
TCP-port of the PostgreSQL postmaster, default is 5432
The PostgreSQL database to connect to. If not specified the name
of the current Unix user is taken.
The PostgreSQL user to connect as. If not specified the name
of the current Unix user is taken.
For more options have a look at the documentation of \fBlibpq\fR
in function \fBPQconnectdb\fR.
\fBExample\fR: "host=foo.lan dbname=test user=test"
.SS "Fuse and PgFuse options"
Options are the normal FUSE options plus the special PgFuse options:
\fB-o\fR ro (default="")
The default is to mount the filesystem read-writable. This can be
overruled to allow only read operations.
.SS "FUSE/Mount options"
For a list of possible mount and FUSE options consult the manpage
of \fBmount\fR and the README file of the \fBfuse\fR source package.
PgFuse is a FUSE filesystem which stores inodes and data into a
PostgreSQL database.
Before using PgFuse you must create a database user and a database
where to store the files to. Populate the initial schema with:
\fBpsql < /usr/share/pgfuse-xxxx/schema.sql\fR
- no hard-links
- no mknod support
- no access right checks
- no support for extended attributes and ACLs
- tested on Linux only currently
- no self-containment properties in respect to the database
PgFuse has been written by Andreas Baumann <>
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