A list of node modules that are required by the webinos platform
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ZeParser @ e1b9c84
active-x-obfuscator @ 7ad3646
ansi @ 7a2a022
canvas @ 3738179
colors @ 4b2ae6c
connect @ c7254f2
crc @ b21d53b
debug @ fa2367f
jsormdb @ 1672daa
mime @ ad76557
node-proxy @ ea4ecd9
now @ 957e7ac
openid @ d529469
qrcode @ 1625f6d
sax @ ff9a74c
schema @ 896f9ef
socket.io @ 3b9715e
socket.io-client @ 6062a06
sqlite3 @ 1173659
uglify-js @ ef4d776
websocket @ 6215830
xml2js @ 22700f5


Webinos node modules' source

This is an aggregation repository to gather all required by webinos, node modules’ source codes. The repositories that are linked are optimized to build on windows. To update the sources do a git submodules update

Modules analysis

Required by PZP

Required by PZH