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HM Course Planner with News

What is this

This is an attempt to build a responsive single site page to create a schedule for your courses at the University of Applied Science Munich. Also it will show you the news from the bulletin board.

How it works

  • Sinatra application to serve the bookings data
  • it has Redis as database backend
  • bookings will be updated via a rake task
  • the data comes from
  • all templates are using mustache
  • ICanHaz/Mustache.js on the client to render the different sites dynamically
  • client fetches the templates as json from the server
  • jQuery and some plugins to do the javascript stuff

What it does

  • browse through the bookings of each group and choose the ones you plan to attend
  • chosen bookings will be saved in a cookie and shown next to the list of bookings
  • for the chosen bookings, a permalink to your schedule is provided which lets you bookmark/share your schedule
  • show you the news from the bulletin board for the profs you selected a course

How to run it

Install Redis; the app will connect to Redis on localhost on the default port. You can specify an other setup if you set REDIS_URL in your environment, i.e.:

$ REDIS_URL='redis://:secret@'

This would connect to host on port 9000, uses database number 3 using the password 'secret'.

bundle install
bundle exec rake update:bookings
bundle exec puma -p4567


Known Issues

  • the background timeslot text in the big schedule view is messed up with Firefox, till now I didn't cared to fix that. It works in Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE9.
  • IE on WP7.5 looks ok-ish it only does not like the font used, didn't test other mobile browser cause I lack the devices.
  • Sometimes the bookings do not get merged correctly and appear multiple times, didn't investigate why that happends. Most of the times it works.
  • no caching-header set
  • pony mode needs improvments: more pony pics and better colors

Who am I

Student at the University of Applied Science Munich who thought the given Representation of the courses and bookings sucks. @sch1zo blog