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This collection of scripts fetch ADI data for Desktop and Android Firefox and do some analysis over the data. Amongst others the Year-over-Year delta to the previous year is calculated on a daily, 7-daily, 30-daily and 90-daily basis to smooth the data.

If you find any mistakes in the ADI fetching or analysis, please send a pull request.

Data for a couple days is missing, or was excluded:

1/24 and 1/25 server error
2/8 both desktop and android seem wildly off, removed

2015-04-28 server error
2015-04-27 server error

2013-12-29 server error
2013-12-30 server error
2013-12-31 server error

Please note the disclaimer on the source of this data ( ADI stands for Active Daily Installs and is not a 100% accurate reflection of ADUs (Active Daily Users). An Firefox install can be active, but the user wasn't, and a user can be active but Firefox misses to checkin that given day. ADI is believed to underestimate ADU by about 10% (ballpark), so if you multiply this data by 1.1, it should give you an ADU estimate. This is an estimate only.


Firefox ADI data analysis



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