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Commits on Jun 19, 2013
  1. @frsela
  2. @davidflanagan

    Merge pull request #10453 from davidflanagan/bug881239

    davidflanagan authored
    Bug 881239: retain space or punctuation when reverting an auto-correction r=RudyLu
  3. @davidflanagan
  4. @RudyLu

    Merge pull request #10465 from elad661/gaia-keyboard-nun-sofit

    RudyLu authored
    Bug #884329 - Add missing Nun Sofit to the Hebrew keyboard layout. r=rudylu
  5. @crh0716

    Merge pull request #10454 from crh0716/883759

    crh0716 authored
    Bug 883759 - Hangup the waiting call when receiving CHLD=0
  6. @rwaldron
  7. @rwaldron

    Bug 883058 - [SMS/MMS] One contact with very long name can be scrolle…

    rwaldron authored
    …d in recipient field r=gnarf
    - Removes rule about a single contact prohibiting pull down
    - Height of recipient-list itself is informative enough to determine "pullable" status
    Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
Commits on Jun 18, 2013
  1. @fabi1cazenave

    Merge pull request #10351 from fabi1cazenave/mmsUnknownAttachments-bu…

    fabi1cazenave authored
    Bug 875408 - [MMS] Display unknown file types, r=julienw
  2. @fabi1cazenave
  3. @fabi1cazenave

    Merge pull request #10471 from masap/20130619

    fabi1cazenave authored
    Bug 884565 - [WiFi] Fix WPS regression by Bug 879193, r=kaze
  4. @masap
  5. @davidflanagan

    Merge pull request #10350 from punamdahiya/Bug-838179_ShowFiles

    davidflanagan authored
    Bug-838179 - [Music] - Show files beginning with . in the music app r=davidflanagan
  6. @Rik
  7. @Rik

    Merge pull request #10467 from Rik/unbreak-birch-884406

    Rik authored
    Bug 884406 - Check that we have a .git directory before copying r=julienw
  8. @Rik
  9. @rwaldron @gnarf

    Bug 884050 - [SMS][MMS] Regression. New renderContact rules missed un…

    rwaldron authored gnarf committed
    …tested cases - r=gnarf
    - Only render a contact's tel value entry for the _specified_ input value when not rendering a suggestion. If the tel record value _doesn't_ match, then continue.
    - If rendering for contact search result suggestions, don't render contact tel records for values that are already selected as recipients. This comparison should be safe, as the value in this.recipients.numbers comes from the same source that current.value comes from.
    Signed-off-by: Rick Waldron <>
    (cherry picked from commit 3191a6fc9a6b295d0b401da23e71bbcc4136f77b)
    Closes gh-10448
  10. @Rik

    Merge pull request #10466 from Rik/no-multiprocess-884338

    Rik authored
    Bug 884338 - Travis no likey multiprocess :( r=kaze
  11. @Rik
  12. @elad661

    Bug #884329 - [Keyboard] Add missing Nun Sofit to the Hebrew keyboard…

    elad661 authored
    … layout
    For some reason we had Vav twice and no Nun Sofit.
    More information:
    This fixes bug #884329
  13. @Rik

    Merge pull request #10372 from Rik/pre-commit-882116

    Rik authored
    Bug 882116 - Install a pre-commit hook to run the linter tests r=timdream
  14. @Rik

    Bug 882116 - Install a pre-commit hook to run the linter tests

    Rik authored
    Also enables --multiprocess for make lint
  15. @gasolin

    Merge pull request #10459 from gasolin/issue-877675-2

    gasolin authored
    fix regression of Bug 877675, r=alive
  16. @gasolin

    fix regression of Bug 877675

    gasolin authored
  17. @steveck-chung

    Merge pull request #10438 from airpingu/bug-880648-mms-accented-chara…

    steveck-chung authored
    Bug 880648 - [MMS] Accented characters are not correctly sent/received in a MMS (part 2, content blob must be encoded by utf-8). r=steveck-chung, a=leo+
  18. @arcturus

    Merge pull request #10399 from arcturus/bug-882067

    arcturus authored
    Bug 882067 - [SMS] Unable to send SMS after opening the link from previous received thread
  19. @lodr

    Merge pull request #10433 from huchengtw-moz/costcontrol/Bug_883705_u…

    lodr authored
    Bug 883705 - [Cost Control]In Usage Graph Wi-Fi Toggle is always uncheck...
  20. @arcturus

    Bug 882067 - [SMS] Unable to send SMS after opening the link from pre…

    arcturus authored
    …vious received thread r=borja
  21. @airpingu

    Bug 880648 - [MMS] Accented characters are not correctly sent/receive…

    airpingu authored
    …d in a MMS (part 2, content blob must be encoded by utf-8). r=schung a=leo+
  22. @fabi1cazenave

    Merge pull request #10340 from jaoo/882089

    fabi1cazenave authored
    Bug 882089 - Automatic channel configuration for 1.1/DT PL, r=kaze
  23. @fabi1cazenave

    Merge pull request #10341 from jaoo/881645

    fabi1cazenave authored
    Bug 881645 - Voice mail number for Costa Rica is not OK, r=kaze
  24. @gtorodelvalle

    Merge pull request #10441 from gtorodelvalle/dialer-bug-883760-delete…

    gtorodelvalle authored
    Bug 883760 - [Call log] Edit mode is open direclty as if there were entries selected to be deleted (r=fcampo).
  25. @davidflanagan

    Merge pull request #10452 from davidflanagan/bug883250

    davidflanagan authored
    Bug 883250: don't auto-punctuate after punctuation r=rudylu
  26. @crh0716
  27. @davidflanagan
  28. @ferjm

    Merge pull request #10444 from ferjm/callloglimit2

    ferjm authored
    Bug 829399 - Add a limit to the maximum number of calls logged inside th...
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