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A set of applications to program your quadrocopters. Contains code for the transmitter station (arduino board with A7105 chip), a server application to control your drones in the browser and execute custom code using a JavaScript API, and a node.js package for connecting to a local or remote transmitter station.


Possible setups

Variant 1: full stack solution

This setup is recommended. It allows you to control multiple quadrocopters with just a single arduino board and transmitter chip. You can open the webinterface and start programming right away, inside the browser. Furthermore you can connect other apps to the HTTP API (e.g. apps for mobile devices).

Variant 2: coptermanager-arduino and coptermanager-client

It is also possible to talk directly from the client to the arduino board. The JavaScript API is identical to variant 1.

Setup instructions

  1. Follow the instructions to build the transmitter station with a small modification:
  • instead of 3 wire SPI use 4 wire SPI:
  • skip step 10 "Put an additional wire from the 'SDIO' pin of the A7105 to the 'MISO' pin of the due."
  • instead wire 'gio1' of the A7105 chip to the 'MISO' port of the arduino due
  • test some resistor values (as written in the tutorial) - mine didn't work with 22K Ohm, but it works with 10K Ohm
  1. Open the source code of this project and send it to your arduino board


(Note: the floppy cable isn't required - I didn't have any male-to-female cables for the SPI port of the arduino due so I had to improvise...)



coptermanager-arduino listens on the serial port for new commands. The protocol is very simple: each command contains 3 bytes - copterid, command and value. The response is always a one byte.

List of commands:

Name Code Command value Description
COPTER_BIND 0x01 copter type (see below) Initiate binding process. Timing is very important here, so during this time (max. 500ms) the processor is blocked. Return values the copterid
COPTER_THROTTLE 0x02 throttle value (range 0x00 - 0xFF) set throttle (top/down) value
COPTER_RUDDER 0x03 rudder value (range 0x34 - 0xCC) set rudder (rotate left/right) value
COPTER_AILERON 0x04 aileron value (range 0x45 - 0xC3) set aileron (drift left/right) value
COPTER_ELEVATOR 0x05 elevator value (range 0x3E - 0xBC) set elevator (forward/backward) value
COPTER_LED 0x06 enable or disable (1 or 0) enable/disable leds
COPTER_FLIP 0x07 enable or disable (1 or 0) enable/disable flips
COPTER_VIDEO 0x08 enable or disable (1 or 0) enable/disable video (if the copter has a camera)
COPTER_GETSTATE 0x09 - get binding state
COPTER_EMERGENCY 0x0A - set emergency mode on: in this mode all values are set to default (the copter will fall down like a rock) and no further commands will be accepted (except COPTER_DISCONNECT)
COPTER_DISCONNECT 0x0B - disconnect copter
COPTER_LISTCOPTERS 0x0C - get bitmask of connected copters (LSB = copterid 1, bit 1 = copterid 2, ...)

List of copter types:

Name Code Description
HUBSAN_X4 0x01 The Hubsan X4 (tested with the V2, but should work with V1 and maybe FPV too)

List of response codes:

Name Code Description
PROTOCOL_OK 0x00 Success
PROTOCOL_UNBOUND 0xE0 Copter is unbound
PROTOCOL_BOUND 0xE1 Copter is bound
PROTOCOL_INVALID_COPTER_TYPE 0xF0 Invalid copter type. See table above on valid copter types
PROTOCOL_ALL_SLOTS_FULL 0xF1 All copter slots are full. Configurable inside config.h NUM_COPTERS
PROTOCOL_INVALID_SLOT 0xF2 Invalid copterid. Range 1 - NUM_COPTERS
PROTOCOL_VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE 0xF3 Value out of range
PROTOCOL_EMERGENCY_MODE_ON 0xF4 If emergency mode is on, only the disconnect command is supported

Example session:

> 0x00 0x01 0x01 # bind a hubsan x4
< 0x01           # assigned copterid is 0x01
> 0x01 0x02 0x0F # set throttle of copter #1 to 0x0F
< 0x00           # success
> 0x01 0x06 0x00 # set of copter #1 off
< 0x00           # success
> 0x01 0x0B 0x00 # disconnect copter #1
< 0x00           # success

In this session > indicates a request and < the response. The protocol is binary: spaces are just for readability, and values must be transmitted as their value and not as ASCII strings.


In config.h there are 2 debug modes available: DEBUG and SERIAL_ASCII. The first one enables debug messages and the last one enables write and read operations as ASCII strings. With SERIAL_ASCII turned on the requests are in the format AABBCC where AA is the copterid, BB the command and CC the command value in hexadecimal format with ASCII characters (don't prefix them with 0x!). Example request: 000101 (transmitted as ASCII characters, e.g. wrote in the arduino IDE's serial monitor, with no line ending) to bind the hubsan.


coptermanager: arduino application which communicates with the quadrocopters




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