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  I. About

    This repository provides example content for puppet-boilerplate-modules [1].
    It should give you an impression of what to expect from and how to use
    puppet-boilerplate-modules and if the project might be useful for you.

    [1] <>

  II. Usage

    This repository provides example modules created with the help of the
    different available boilerplates. You can see which boilerplate was used
    to create the module by looking at the directory name (schema:
    "used-boilerplate_modulename"). Each folder contains:

    1. The example module. This should give you an impression of the Puppet
       source code quality and how the modules created with the respective
       boilerplate will look like.

    2. A "doc" directory which contains the output of "puppet doc --mode rdoc".
       Please note that you can't browse the rendered documentation on GitHub
       (because it just shows you the source). But you may clone this repository
       and open the "index.html" of the documentation you want to look at.

    3. A README file which explains what was necessary to create the example
       content. The creation transcripts should be useful to learn how to use
       the puppet-boilerplate-modules project.

  III. Other notes

    If you like this free project, you might buy us a coffee [1], or get some
    cool QR Code merchandise [2]. Thank you! :-)

    Do not hesitate to contact SYN Systems [3] if you need professional support
    or if you think we are the ones to get your project done.

    [1] <>
    [2] <>
    [3] <>


Example modules to get an impression of what to expect from puppet-boilerplate-modules.







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