script that adds skype support to Ubuntu's indicator applet
Latest commit 4f7eb3b Feb 3, 2011 @andreashappe chg: start Skype if it's not already running
(patch from quassy7)

This retrieves a process list and checks if the skype process is already
running. If not a new skype instance is started.

I'm currenlty not in front of a linux computer, I've checked the patch
and it looks good.. hopefully it also runs fine (:


This is a simple skype[0] plugin for Ubuntu's indicator-applet[1].

Just start the script on your computer. Skype will automatically ask you if you
want to allow it's connection. As soon as the script is started the indicator
applot will have a 'Skype' entry that shows unread messages.

When you click the skype-entry SKype's main window will be shown. If you click
on one of the unread messages a message window for this conversation is opened.

 * make this work better
 * update callback timeout
 * remove items that have been marked as read within Skype
 * et&

Andreas Happe