Using the alt-attribute as the way to add caption.
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What does it do

For some CMS, there's no good way of adding caption on images. This is used on a EPiServer project, using the alt-attribute as the way to add caption.

How to use

Simply add the plugin and then:

$('.editor > img').imageCaption();


You can change elements in the output simply by defining figure and figcaption when initiating:

$('.editor > img').imageCaption({figure:'<div>', figcaption:'<span>'});

HTML output

By default this:

<img src="url" alt="This is the caption." class="class1 class2" />

will render:

<figure class="class1 class2">
	<img src="url" alt="This is the caption.">
	<figcaption>This is the caption.</figcaption>