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Slab No. 1

Slab No. 1

Slab No. 1 (formely Chunked) started as project to add diacritical marks and to expand the open source font Chunk, by Meredith Mandel.

As my work on the regular weight progressed, the design evolved and I decided to redraw the black weight, initially intended to be an expanded version of Chunk.

Slab No. 1 Regular

Slab No. 1 Regular, early work in progress

Work in progress

May 1, 2015

Showing off some of the differences between Chunk and Slab No.1. Slab No.1 regular to the left and Chunk to the right.

Slab No. 1 is different compared to Chunk.

May 3, 2015

Basic latin is fairly done.

Slab No.1 basic latin