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System building tools for the Original Oberon 2013 and Experimental Oberon operating systems
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System building tools for Oberon

System "building tools" for the FPGA Oberon 2013 and Experimental Oberon operating systems, as described in chapter 14 of the book Project Oberon 2013 Edition, available at

PREREQUISITES: A current version of FPGA Oberon 2013 (see If you use Experimental Oberon (see, the functionality is already implemented.


Topic Documentation
System building tools (PDF) The-Oberon-system-building-tools.pdf
System building tools (web)

Downloading and creating the Oberon system building tools

If Experimental Oberon is used, the system building tools are already installed on your system. If FPGA Oberon 2013 is used, download the Oberon system building tools from the Sources/OriginalOberon2013 directory of this repository.

Convert the downloaded files to Oberon format (Oberon uses CR as line endings) using the command dos2oberon, also available in this repository (example shown for Mac or Linux):

 for x in *.Mod *.Tool ; do ./dos2oberon $x $x ; done

Import the files to your Oberon system. If you use an emulator (e.g., to run the Oberon system, click on the PCLink1.Run link in the System.Tool viewer, copy the files to the emulator directory, and execute the following command on the command shell of your host system:

 cd oberon-risc-emu
 for x in *.Mod *.Tool ; do ./ $x ; sleep 1 ; done

To create the Oberon system building tools:

 ORP.Compile Boot.Mod ~     # generate the boot linker/loader and system building tool
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