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Task List is a simple React App that helps you organize your daily tasks.
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React Task List

You are looking at a small task list application that I made to practice my React skills. Give it a spin on the live site.


  • Add and delete as many tasks as you want.
  • Tasks contain a title and date.
  • Tasks are sorted by date and whether they are completed or not. Completed tasks are below, open tasks on top.
  • Tasks are persisted in your browser using localStorage.
  • Shows the number of open tasks

Running locally

To run this application locally on your computer, run the following scripts:

// Install dependencies
npm install

// Start the development server
npm run start

You can now access the application on localhost:3000.


To make a production build, just run the following line:

npm run build


Copyright 2018 by Andreas Remdt MIT License

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