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@@ -24,17 +24,15 @@ But what happens once you nailed down the examples?
More often than not, the developers derive the production code
from the specification on their own.
_Domain-Specific Languages_ provide the opportunity to involve the customer in this activity.
+Because a Domain-Specific Language is limited to your problem domain,
+your customer can easily read (and maybe even write) the production code.
DSLs give customers and developers another, comprehensive perspective on the solution
and enable a double-checking process.
Furthermore, Domain-Specific Languages come in different flavours.
Besides textual formats, you can employ graphical notations that can make the problem
more "visible".
-DSLs allow you to react to
-changes in requirements faster;
-your cutomer can easily read (and maybe even write) the production code, giving the team
-another degree of flexibility in terms of division of work.
After introducing basic concepts and tools of Domain-Specific Languages,
Andreas gives a practical example of visually developing an order processing system.
The presentation will be closed outlining the
@@ -48,8 +46,8 @@ He works as a self-employed tester-programmer, supporting SMB in test automation
agile contexts.
Besides, he explores and promotes innovative ideas as a start-up entrepreneur.
-His passion for integrating Test-Driven and Model-Driven Development techniques in agile projects
-stems from his research activities that became published as a conference paper earlier this year.
+He published a conference paper on integrating Test-Driven and Model-Driven Development techniques
+in agile projects earlier this year.
He is one of the organizers of the recently founded, regional Software Craftsmanship
Communities in Germany.
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