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Update: Make sure to update and use evaluation script version 1.3

COCO-Text API http://vision.cornell.edu/se3/coco-text/

COCO-Text is a large dataset designed for text detection and recognition. This is a Python API that assists in loading, parsing and visualizing the annotations. The format of the COCO-Text annotations is also described on the project website.

In addition to this API, please download both the MSCOCO images, available on the [MSCOCO project website] (http://mscoco.org/dataset/#download) and the text annotations from the [coco-text website] (http://vision.cornell.edu/se3/coco-text/).

This dataset is based on Microsoft COCO. Please visit http://mscoco.org/ for more information on COCO, including the image data, object annotatins and caption annotations.

After downloading the images and annotations run the Python demo for example usage.