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A humble homepage of sorts...

Metalsmith Vuepress setup for my current portfolio-ish site.

Hosted on Netlify.

Want a site like this?


The previous version of this site is still available under
Check out the boilerplate repo or follow this one-click-wonder-deploy to get one yourself:

Deploy to Netlify

Vuepress (new)

Add ajv to your .vuepress/config.js's theme parameter. Check out the theme for the config params and details.


  • Initial content
  • Service workers
  • Sitemap, humans.txt & robots.txt
  • First posts
  • Link to status page
  • Make dashboard's timeframe dynamic
  • Update CV
  • Refactor to Vuepress
  • Add Keen tracking to Vuepress
    • Add Keen for all pages not just dashboard - solved via lovely Netlify post-processing
    • Import visualisation only on dashboard page
  • Add jump.js once it's packagised
  • Clean up theme package/repo and dogfood it
  • Vue up the dashboard.js solution + import keen styles and flexbox grid
  • Rewrite custom flexbox grid and more lightweight styles for dashboard boxes
  • Refactor Stylus to native CSS + css custom properties
    • Use CSS custom properties in a proper manner (meaning don't use hover specific variables, etc.); this will also ease theming later on (single var for bg colour, font colour, link colour, the works)
    • Refactor to use either scoped styles or CSS modules
    • Add dark theme
  • Add vue-tweezing for morphing SVG (menu border)
  • Add page transitions
  • Add tags support in page frontmatter and use it in search results
  • Add theme customiser
  • Add build-specific statistics
    • no. of times built
    • latest build (get touch date of times built tracker file)
    • avg build time
    • bundle/site filesize, etc.)
  • Generate sitemap
  • Add contact form to /contact
  • Prettify permalinks
  • Fine-tune burger animation
  • Enhance blog posts
    • Add guesstimated reading time
    • Add prev/next posts
  • Add ASCII message to source (Netlify post processing <3 )


  • Dynamic navigation (Vuepress)
    • History API support
    • Smooth page transitions (menu overlay into the next page's solid white background)
  • Offline support & manifest.json
  • Syntax highlighting if posts get code-heavy (Vuepress)
  • Analytics & dashboard
    • Visitor statistics
    • Performance metrics
    • Build stats/time
  • Theming. Since the site is built on CSS custom properties, wouldn't be too much of an effort.
    • LocalStorage/IndexedDB for saving themes
  • Set up Webpack, since I miss my ES6 modules (Vuepress)
  • Metalsmith Vue helper for random (or within range) gradient custom properties
  • Make CV dynamic
    • Generate CV's PDF from Markdown
    • Add custom styles
    • Remove front matter from .md before generating .pdf
  • Gist snippets to Vuepress vault