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Ansible role for borgbackup

Ansible role for installing and configuring Borg Backup


The borg repository must currently be created manually. Execute borg init ssh://<server>:/<repopath>, e.g.

borg init ssh://

A borg repository can contain backups from multiple hosts, but only encrypted with a single key (as far as I understand it…). Configuring encryption is currently not supported by this role, so only use trusted hosts for your backups.

Role Variables

borgbackup_version: '0.29.0'

The borg version to install. Currently, only released versions are supported

borgbackup_platform: 'linux64'

The platform to install for (e.g. linux32, linux64)

borgbackup_download_url: '{{ borgbackup_version }}/borg-{{ borgbackup_platform }}'

The URL to download the Borg binary from

borgbackup_hash_sha256: '...'

SHA 256 hash of the borg binary

borgbackup_ssh_key_path: '/root/.ssh/id_rsa'

Path to the SSH private key to use for logging into the backup server

borgbackup_create_default_options: '--compression zlib,6'

The default options for creating a new backup, e.g. for enabling debug output. See the Borg documentation for more information.

  - backup_server: '' # must be defined by you
    backup_repository: '' # must be defined by you
    backup_prefix: '{{ ansible_hostname }}'
    backup_name: '`date +%Y-%m-%d`'
      - '' # define paths like /etc here
    borg_options: '{{ borgbackup_create_default_options }}'

A list of backups to create. Each of these has the following properties:

  • backup_server: The username and server; including the protocol, e.g. ssh://
  • backup_repository: The path to the repository
  • backup_prefix: The prefix for the backup name. Defaults to ansible_hostname
  • backup_name: The name of the individual backup. Should include at least the current date; it might also e.g. be the day of week
  • directories: A list of directories to backup
  • borg_options: The options for the backup. Defaults to borgbackup_create_default_options


No dependencies as of now.

Example Playbook

Including an example of how to use your role (for instance, with variables passed in as parameters) is always nice for users too:

- hosts: servers
     - role: andreaswolf.borgbackup

See also


  • Encryption should be supported.
  • A repository should be created if it does not exist.



Author Information

This role was created by Andreas Wolf. Visit my website and Github profile or follow me on Twitter.