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rails_admin Globalize3 custom action.
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Rails Admin Globalize custom action.

this code is untested and need a good rewrite, but work. treat it as a prototype.


Add the gem to your bundler:

  gem "rails_admin"
  gem "globalize3"
  gem "rails_admin_globalize"

Add globalize to the list of actions in rails_admin's initializer:

  RailsAdmin.config do |config|

    config.actions do
      dashboard do ; end
      globalize do ; end
      index do ; end
      new do ; end
      export do ; end
      bulk_delete do ; end
      show do ; end
      edit do ; end
      delete do ; end
      history_show do ; end
      show_in_app do ; end


At this point:

  • a translation Action appear in rails_admin near the edit button .
  • the configuration for the field was ereditated from edit action configuration .
  • has_many and has_one fields of translated models is included in the translations form .
  • the translation look for I18n.avaiable_locales
  • take this as a prototype and use as your own risk :-)
  • clone/fork/improve
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