Configuration framework based on json.
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JsonConfig is a simple configuration framework based on json and the dynamic type avaible in .NET Framework 4.0+

Getting Started

  1. In your project, add reference to JsonConfig.dll

  2. Add a file to your project named "app.json.config" with your configuration in a json format. Example:

  name: "My Project",
  host: "localhost",
  port: 80
  1. If your project is not a web project, you need to set the file to "Copy to the output directory if changed".

  2. Just use the dynamic config object in your code as follows:

Console.WriteLine("name: {0}",;
Console.WriteLine("host: {0}",;
Console.WriteLine("port: {0}", JsonConfigManager.DefaultConfig.port);

Config file

You can use any config file name you want. Checkout the unit tests to find out how.


Released under the MIT license.