Spotify RecSys Challenge 2018 creative track: team 'cocoplaya'
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Recsys Challenge 2018 - Creative Track

This work is part of a collaboration between the Music Techology Group and Kakao Corp, under the supervision of Xavier Serra.

Team: cocoplaya


  • Andres Ferraro (MTG)
  • Dmitry Bogdanov (MTG)
  • Jason Yoon (Kakao Corp)
  • Lucas Kim (Kakao Corp)

Username in aferraro

contact: andres.ferraro at


In order to reproduce the recommendations submitted for the Creative track of the challenge the following steps must be executed:

  • Step 1: Download audio samples of the songs from spotify
  • Step 2: Compute features from the audio of the songs
  • Step 3: Train Matrix Factorization model and generate recommendations, merge with reccomendations generated from songs co-ocurrence probabilities.

The code to reproduce each step is contained in a separate folder, you can find further instructions inside the folders.