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jQMobile Carousel Widget
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This id a first version of jQuery Mobile Widget.
You can see demo here

For any question write to

How to use this widget.

On your page create  next html code

<div id="content" style="height:100%;width:300px;"> 
	<div style="height:100%;width:300px;">		
		<div style="height:460px;width:300px;">
			<div  id="carousel" class="carousel">							
				<div id="carousel_scrollpane" class="carousel-content">
					<div id="carousel_content" class="carousel-content-scroller"> </div>
				<div id="carousel_nav" class="carousel-nav">
					<div id="carousel_mid" class="carousel-mid"></div>

This code will add html markup for carousel. Then add in #content div next html block,
which describes template

<div id="carousel_template" style="display:none">
	<div class="carousel-item">
		<div style="height:2em;font-size:1.5em;padding-bottom:15px;">@{title}</div>
		<div id="carousel_item_@{id}" >
			<div style="float:left;width:100%"><img src="@{image}" /></div>				      								

@{id} and @{image} params should be described in inital data in script block

var carousel = new $.widgets.Carousel( {
 	uuid : "carousel",
	args : { "scrollInterval" : 600,"itemWidth":290},
	value : [
		{ "title" : "Tron.Legacy",
	      "image" : "images/1.jpg"
	    { "title" : "Yogi Bear",
	      "image" : "images/2.jpg"
	    { "title" : "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader",
	      "image" : "images/3.jpg"
	    { "title" : "The Fighter",
		  "image" : "images/4.jpg"
		{ "title" : "Tangled",
		  "image" : "images/5.jpg"

Thats all!
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