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Pure Single

Blogging theme based on Purecss for Pelican blogs. Theme is responsive.


  • COVER_IMG_URL - Set the sidebar image (Optional).
  • PROFILE_IMG_URL - Set the image for the top circle cutout.
  • TAGLINE - Used for the page titles and some meta tags.
  • FAVICON_URL - Set the favicon image
  • DISQUS_SITENAME - Set this to enable disqus comments in articles.
  • DISQUS_ON_PAGES - Set this to True to enable disqus comments in pages.
  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS - Set the Google Analytics code (eg. "UA-000000-00")
  • PIWIK_URL and PIWIK_SITE_ID - Set the URL and site-id for Piwik tracking. (Without 'http://')
  • SOCIAL - Set some social links in the sidebar. The format should be like this:

    SOCIAL = (
        ('github', ''),
        ('twitter-square', ''),

    where the first value of the tuple is the icon name from after stripping fa- (eg. fa-github will be github)

Custom article metadata:

  • sidebarimage - will replace the image on the sidebar on an article basis

Aditional features

  • FitVids jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds.